Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Jan 25

Video by RSA Animate

Daniel Pink provides concrete examples of how intrinsic motivation functions both at home and in the workplace. View a video of Dan Pink’s talk at the RSA that inspired this animation. travel tool

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Speaking at Digital Hollywood, May 3-6, 2010

May 06

The Smartphone – Tablet Economy: Apps, Devices, Commerce, Video, Music & Consumer Obsession

Mobile communication and lifestyle and consumption has now entered a new and transformative stage. With the evolution and ubiquity of SmartPhones and the introduction of the iPad and other tablets, the landscape has forever changed. The technologies and devices of the past year has set a new threshold of design, elegance and features that all future mobile devices and generations of devices will be compared to. The communications platform of the future will no longer be acceptable to the consumer as anything less perfect. It must be a perfect lifestyle device, a phone, a texting and email machine with full information and entertainment accessibility.The coming generations of mobile devices have forever raised the bar for what all future mobile platforms must aspire to.
In this session, we will address the iPad-Tablet – Smartphone platform – the features, the network capabilities and consumer expectations.

Panel was moderated by Steve Bradbury, Vice President at GoTV Networks.
Other panelists:
– Cameron Friedlander, VP, Director of Creative technology, Designkitchen
– Matthew Fix, Principal, Vodafone Ventures
– Will Pinnell, Director of Mobile Strategy, Sabre Holdings
– Michael Rice, senior vice president, Director of Digital, McCann Erickson Los Angeles
– Michael Bramlage, Director of Product Management, Nokia

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Politics @ work

Apr 05

As your career progresses into higher management, one of the drawbacks (for some) is dealing with team/office/corporate politics in order to push through your agenda as well as enable your team to function.

While politics is different within each company, the “politics” become more apparent when a company has more than 100 employees. That’s, according to me, when a structure needs to be put in place in order to control the work and different disciplines.

This little “write up” is not about how to avoid politics or where one can find a politic-less workplace. This one is about how to recognize when politics takes over your job and in-fact, prevents you from doing your job:

– I like the 80/20 rule. Spending about 20% of your time to handle the “politics” sounds about right to me.

– We all have people we don’t like to work with or report to. However, when someone is promoted to a position they are not qualified for (objectively not qualified for) you might want to give the inner-politic a second look.

– It’s very easy to get into the rhythm of things… make sure to stop and ask the right questions. Arguments and conflicts are a very good thing for growth as long as its not personal.

– My last point is that business decisions need to make sense for the business. If these decisions are being driven by other motives, just make sure that there is someone who can explain it to you. It doesn’t mean you have to agree or that they need your permission, but at least there is a valid explanation.

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5:21 Somewhere by JWT

Nov 21

We just sent two guys off on the job of a lifetime. For 73 days they’ll travel the world, take pictures with famous photographers, and hopefully… stay on brief.

521 Somewhere

So we came up with this idea: 5 continents, 2 dudes, 1 planet. Hence the name “1 somewhere.” And because we’re so clever, we thought, what if at 5:21 each day they took some pictures and posted them along with some words of wisdom? Then we thought: “dang – what if we posted back our 521 from somewhere?”
And suddenly, the “5:21 somewhere” blog was born.

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Advertising Breakthroughs at Digital Hollywood Panel

Oct 26

Joined a diverse panel at Digital Hollywood last week with real-world expertise on how to best harness innovation to drive the most value from advertising and video in this ever changing industry .

Wednesday, October 21, 9:00-10:15 AM
Track IV: The Advertising Platform, The DH Upfronts
Breakthroughs in Advertising, Technology and Content – Innovation in The Visual and Contextual Experience – Web, Video and Mobile

Michael Scherotter, Media Experience Evangelist, Media and Communications, Microsoft Corporation
Mark Pascarella, President & CEO, Gotuit Media Corp
Maurício Mota, Chief Storytelling Officer, Founding Alchemist, The Alchemists
Jay Seideman, Vice President, Vibrant Media
Bismarck Lepe, co-founder and the President of Product Strategy, Ooyala
Lauren Cole, President, Cole Media, Moderator

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2010 ANDY Awards Elect The Jury

Oct 07

Ty Montague and Michael Lebowitz talk about the idea behind crowdsourcing this year’s ANDY Awards jurors and the importance of composition diversity for the nominee selection.

2010 ANDY Awards.

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Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel

Sep 08

Yes, I’m totally biased since the author is my brother-in-law and he made a point to mention me

Six Pixels of Separation

and my family in his acknowledgments. Regardless, this book is a must!
If you are digital savvy or a novice to social media, this book is an excellent guide to our ever-changing environment. Through real business examples, Mitch illustrates the impact of social media on our lives and the way we do business. The most impressive part of this book (for me) is that Mitch actually practices his own pitch.
Favorite line: “Digital marketing is NOT a one night stand”

Find more (objective) reviews:

In Six Pixels of Separation, Mitch Joel unravels the fascinating world of new media, with a brand new perspective. Entrepreneurs are leveraging the digital channels to get their voice “out there”, connecting to similar others, becoming better community citizens and, ultimately, making more money and rocketing their personal and business lives into the stratosphere. Personal Brands are becoming bigger than corporate brands – understanding the “how” and “why” will change the way you think about business, management and marketing moving forward.

Six Pixels of Separation is the first book of its kind to unify the concepts of Personal Branding, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship in a clear, fun and provocative manner. It offers a complete set of tools, tactics and insights to empower Entrepreneurs and Individuals to have a global audience and consumer base with a few clicks of the mouse, almost all of them free.

Six Pixels of Separation is not just a book about how this shift happened. It’s a book about what you can to do to make it work for you, from listening to and monitoring what people are saying about you, to adding your voice and even creating your own new media channels.

With New Media, there are no degrees… only Six Pixels of Separation.

While I’m totally bias since the author is my brother in law and he made a point to mention me and my family in his acknowledgment

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Aug 11


Stride launched a new promotion Save the Arcade to help keep one of four arcades open during these hard economic times. The four arcades are:  Arcade UFO in Austin, Texas, Game Galaxy in Nashville, Tennessee, Starbase Arcade in San Rafael, CA, and  StarWorlds Arcade.

Stride ask the players to play a simple shoot-em-up (developed by JWT) and donate their points to one of the participating arcades. The arcade with the most points by October 6, will receive $25,000.

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When Forever Began

Jun 26

We created an interactive piece of work that expressed that Love, like Diamonds, is Forever.

When Forever Began

When Forever Began

A four foot high, mistletoe wreath fashioned in the shape of the Diamond logo was hung in Madison Square Park where couples could come and kiss under it. The kisses were digitally recorded by 60 cameras circling the mistletoe and uploaded to the When Forever Began website. English to Pashto The kissers could then visit the website and share their Unbreakable Kiss with their friends and family through an e-card or download the video to post to their Facebook profile.

JWT won Gold at the One show Interactive for Integrated campaign ( As well as 2 Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes (

– Case Study
– Work

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Digital Hollywood — Spring 09

May 05

Participating in a panel discussion about Digital production and workflow.
The Revolutionized Digital Workflow Experience: Understanding How Information Technology, Broadcast & Entertainment Production Merge

Jake Winett, Global Industry Manager Media & Entertainment Communications Sector, Microsoft
Mark Langford, VP Marketing & Product Management, Electronic Distribution Services, Technicolor Home Entertainment Services
Joey Faust, Consultant, National TeleConsultants, Inc.
Michelle Munson, president and co-founder, Aspera, Inc.
Joel Ordesky, Chief Technical Officer, Wexler Video, Moderator Arabic to Urdu dictionary

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